Electrical Safety ….. did you know?

The Housing and Planning Act 2016, includes a provision to allow legislation to be brought in requiring landlords to have the mains electrical installation inspected every five years.

The Electrical Safety Standards Working Group have made a total of eight recommendations, one being the introduction of five yearly mandatory electrical installation checks for private rented properties. Another being a report confirming that an Electrical Installation Condition Report (ECIR) has been completed along with confirmation that any remedial work necessary has been undertaken satisfactorily. The landlord would have to provide a copy of this report to the tenant at the beginning of the tenancy.

A consultation was released between February 2018 and April2018, seeking views and opinions. The results of which will be published by the Government in due course.

The private rented sector now accounts for 4.7 million households (20% of all households), this has doubled in size over the past decade. Continuous evaluation of safety standards within the private rented sector helps to ensure properties are safe for the tenants whilst looking after the asset value for the landlord.

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