Looking after your rental property in winter

blaenavonWith the temperature starting to change it is important to make sure that the property is well prepared for the coming winter months.

It’s not too late to prepare your property! 

Avoid a burst boiler and frozen pipes

Without doubt, the worst time to have a boiler breakdown is in winter when temperatures drop and we are reliant on heating. A broken boiler can cause landlords and tenants huge problems, even leading to a dispute! It is, therefore, best practice to ensure that the boiler is in top working condition.

Top tip –leave the heating on at a low temperature, even if going away in winter. This will help to avoid frozen pipes. While this may cost a small amount more in utilities it is significantly less than the inconvenience and costs incurred if a pipe was to burst.

Top tip – For any pipes that run outside the property it is a good idea to ensure that the water flow is off and the tap is run dry before the temperature hits zero. This helps to avoid any structural damages caused by excess water freezing.

Be mindful of damp and mould

Condensation can be a big problem for many properties as warm air created in the property from everyday activities, such as cooking and showering, meets cooler surfaces such as a window or wall. It is therefore extremely common during cool winter months.

Unless properly ventilated, this build-up of moisture in your property can lead to mould growth.

Damp, and especially mould, can be detrimental to your health and can cause long-term problems at the property.

Top tip – Make sure that ventilation in the property is adequate. In kitchens and bathrooms, a major hub for condensation and mould, ensure that extractor fans are working correctly

Top tip – Try turning the cold tap of the bath on first, this way when the hot water hits it will not produce as much steam. Did you know having a bath produces two pints of moisture?

Top tip – Wipe away condensation as soon as you spot it so that it doesn’t linger leading to mould growth.

Bleed your radiators

Although often overlooked, bleeding your radiators can be very useful for maintaining the property in the cold weather. Bleeding radiators involves removing trapped air that can build up over time and prevent them from working efficiently. This can result in the property feeling cold.

Rachel Broom


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